Carbon fiber hard hats are lightweight hats. These hats are the coolest hard hats with better protection. These firm hats protect the head by the aid of suspension bands inside of them that help to spread the impact force. Carbon fiber is lightweight yet hard material that provides protection to the professional’s head. Hence these rocky solid hats not only provide protection but also add some comfort level to the workers as the material is light in weight.

Coolest Hard Hats

There are many carbon fiber hats that you will find online, and it’s quite a bothersome task to go through all of these and try to decide which one is best for you. So, we have prepared a list of some of the best tough and high-quality hats that are available out there. Allow me to guide you through some of the best Coolest hard hats out there that are according to your needs.

ImageProductDetails  Price
Pyramex Ridgeline Cap style Hard atLightweight, vented and 4 point ratchet suspension HatCHECK PRICE
Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim HatABS resin material and has 4 point ratchet suspensionCHECK PRICE
HDPE hydro dipped Red full brim hatHDPE material full brim hat with side ventsCHECK PRICE
Ridgeline Cap Style Hat4 position harness point with Copper pattern and thermoplastic resinCHECK PRICE
Fiberglass HatFDA approved, with fas-track ratchet-style, made of High-density polyethyleneCHECK PRICE
Klein 60407 HatABS material, upgraded suspension with special mounts for attaching Klein headlampsCHECK PRICE
Natural Tan Skullgard HatFast-track III ratchet-style suspension with easy adjustmentCHECK PRICE
DAX Carbon Fiber HatBrim grip with soft padded topCHECK PRICE
America Safety Hat6 point ratchet suspension with padded top manufactured with carbon fiber materialCHECK PRICE

Best Rated Coolest Carbon Fiber Hard Hats 

1. Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim HatPyramex Ridgeline Full Brim hard hat


Comes with 4 point ratchet suspension, ABS made, easy to adjust and meets the ANSI quality standards 

  • This solid hat is vented and has 4 point ratchet suspension
  • It is made from special lightweight ABS resin material.
  • The suspension in the hard had is easy to adjust, and the professional can easily adjust to his need
  • The 4 point suspension and soft pad are replaceable. The 4 point suspension can be changed to a 6 point suspension in this product
  • This product meets ANSI Z89 1.2009 standards. Type 1 of class C, G and E.
 This hat weighs about 11 ounces and has some of the best ratings online. Many customers have rated it for its good looks and durability. It is strong but light in weight. Thus people have rated it pretty high in terms of customer compliance. It’s also heat resistant making it easy to work on sunny days, and it also lasts longer with proper functioning. It doesn’t matter if you have a bigger or smaller head size because its suspension bands are adjustable and it can easily be modified to fit on your head. All in all, a good buy.

2. Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat

Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat, 4-Point Ratchet SuspensionCHECK PRICE

ABS made, provides a low center of gravity, provides an extra layer of comfort with rear padding, replaceable sweatbands and cool looking black graphite pattern 

  • It’s made of special ABS material, just like previously mentioned Pyramex products providing the same weightlessness. 
  • It offers a low center of gravity, providing a better balance.
  • It had a rear padded suspension comforting to the neck
  • It comes with a replaceable sweatband.
  • Comes with a black graphite pattern
Apart from adjustment issues of the compact hat and the rubber padding making it a bit difficult to work in hot conditions, this product has got some pretty good ratings regarding the low profile or low center of gravity and overall comfort level of the compacted hat. Due to cap style and padding on the rear, people have rated it higher than previously mentioned Pyramex product so definitely check it out if you are looking for a product like this that is more comfortable. But do look out for the adjustment knob issue. Otherwise, the lightweight and sweatband make it comfortable.

3. Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hat


ABS made low profile cap style rigid hat, 4 point suspension with replaceable sweatbands and copper pattern, long-lasting thermoplastic composite with easy size adjustment and better fitting

  • It has been manufactured by ABS material and has a low center of gravity
  • It has 4 position harness point, allowing better adjustment according to head size
  • Long-lasting
  • Replaceable sweatbands.
  • Copper pattern and thermoplastic resin.
This product had relatively quick delivery, so it’s good if you want it urgently. It is in fact, compatible with Type 1 Class E working restrictions. It’s lightweight, and the padded sweatbands and low profile make it comfortable. People complained that it sat high on their heads, but in my opinion, that’s for your safety as it lessens the impact force of the falling objects so even if it feels weird, it’s for your protection so a thing that you can ignore while buying it. It’s a good buy considering the features you get, the safety, the comfort level, and the best thing, good value for your money since it’s cheaper than other products that give similar benefits.

4. Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hat


4 point suspension with the ability to convert to 6 point suspension with HP6PTSUS, complies with ANSI standards and modifiable according to head size, replaceable headband

  • This hat is made of ABS resin material and has 4 point ratchet suspension, allowing a better modification according to one’s head size.
  • Suspensions and headbands are replaceable
  • The 4 point suspension can be easily converted to the 6 point suspension that comes with HP6PTSUS.
  • Meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 standards, type 1, Class C, G, and E.
The best thing about this unbreakable hat is that its finish is professional, and the matte white graphite pattern looks beautiful. People complimented its packaging and customer service of Pyramex safety. The suspension of this hard had is specifically liked among the buyers as its adjustable, and as compared to the cap style hats, you can easily modify the thick hat according to the size of your head. Customer compliance is top-notch, and the ability to convert the 4 point suspension system to the 6 point system is unique. Overall, a good buy and value to your money.

5. Fiberglass Hard Hat

Fiberglass Hard Hat


HDPE manufactured, complies with ANSI type 1 Class C working conditions, allows airflow and keeps rainwater away from the neck

  • This hat is manufactured of High-density polyethylene material.
  • It complies with ANSI type 1 Class C working restrictions.
  • It is FDA approved, has fas-track ratchet style.
  • It has cool airflow and will keep rainwater away from your body.
  • It comes in size range of 20.47” to 24.8.”
This hard hat is really helpful in terms of the air holes that it provides. In summers and harsh working conditions, it’s a good thing, but in winter it’s going to be a problem. The sweat straps are a nice help. I liked it for the size adjustment that this hat has. People have mentioned it, and I also have observed this that this had sat a bit too high, but as I have mentioned before, it’s for technical safety reasons. Also, it acts as air vents and allows air to pass through them, making this hat pretty great help when you work in the scorching heat of summers. The only problems that customers had with this hat were the webbing inside, but that’s not much of an issue since it’s inside the hat, and the webbing of your liking can easily replace it. A nice product when you are working in summers.

6. HDPE Hydro Dipped Red Full Brim Hat

HDPE hydro dipped Red full brim hard hatCHECK PRICE

HDPE made hats with special fas-trac suspensions; airflow by side vents, good for summers and heat conditions, brim style keeps rainwater away from the neck

  • Cool airflow by side vents
  • Simple HDPE material
  • Complies with ANSI type 1 Class C conditions.
  • The full brim hat style keeps the rain off the back of the neck.
Although it’s plastic, it’s quite durable and lightweight. The vent holes make airflow which makes the purchase really valuable if you are working in warm conditions. The summers can be really hard if you are working with these hats on your head and these cool airflow vents are like a breeze of fresh air. This technology has really improved the professional’s working conditions and has a great fit. The fas-trac suspension is perfect. The full brim hat style is really helpful when you are working in the rain or in conditions where water is falling on you. It keeps all that water away. Go to the provided link to purchase this great product. Give it a try mate. You won’t regret it once you get that breeze of air flowing.

7. Klein Tools 60407 Hard Hat with Light

Klein Tools 60407 Hard Hat with Light, Vented Full Brim Style, Padded, Self-Wicking Odor-Resistant SweatbandCHECK PRICE

PC / ABS made with top pad, breathable sweatbands, adjustable vents and better suspension mechanics, especially attached headlamps that are removable

  • Complies with ANSI Type 1 Class C restrictions.
  • Special mounts for attaching Klein headlamps to attach on the hat.
  • An upgraded suspension system that ensures better fitting and better airflow.
  • Vents are adjustable; they can open and close while meeting stringent safety standards.
  • Padded sweat-wicking sweatband.
  • Breathable sweatbands.
  • Top pad improves the quality of workers’ comfort level.
  • Made of PC / ABS material
This hat has so many features that it’s quite hard to tell about all of them here in this short review of mine. First of all, the comfort level and customer compliance is very nice. The size is easily adjustable and can also be adjusted for female workers. The button for the headlamp is hard to turn on, but it’s understandable since it’s going to be worn in hard working conditions and you won’t want your lamp being turned on so easily.

The inner headband is washable, which means that you do not have to worry about the smell that it gives due to the sweat. Just wash it, and your problem is over. The rear neck pad provides some extra comfort to the hat. The side air vents come with shutters and can be closed in winters. The light is quite amazing, and the range of floodlight and the spotlight is decent enough. The light is also removable, which I guess if you don’t want to use it in certain locations or you are not comfortable enough to take it to certain locations, you can take it out. The fault that I found in the light is that the battery compartment is quite hard to open. Otherwise, it’s a good buy considering the number of features you get in it. This hat is Total value for your money.

 8. MSA 475407 Natural Tan Skullgard HatMSA 475407 Natural Tan Skullgard Hard Hat with Fas-Trac Suspension


ANSI/ISEA compliant, fas-trac suspension, temperature resistant MSA Hats

  • This hat has been tested for temperatures up to 350F
  • ANSI Type 1 compliant
  •  ISEA Class G compliant
  • Has fast-track III ratchet-style suspensions with easy adjustment
  • Made in the USA
This lightweight is quite expensive, but you are going to get more for what you are paying for. The hat is light in weight, comfortable and durable. The suspension system is what it is all about. As the product specification says, this MSA helmet is not going to sacrifice worker comfort for safety. You are going to get safety and comfort at a maximum level for this hat. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not modify these MSA helmets in any way. These inflexible hats are best for use in heavy machinery industries such as steel mills as the material of these hats is quite durable and temperature resistant.

9. DAX Full Brim Carbon Fiber Hat 

DAX Carbon Fiber hard Hat - Full Brim


Carbon fiber material, lightweight and sturdy, matte black finish full brim hat, padded top increasing the comfort level

  • Made of carbon fiber and matte black finish on the helmet
  • Brim grip provides a secure feel
  • Perforated clarino synthetic leather comfort Dome with moulded EVA foam insert for additional shock
  • Meets ANSI Z89.1-2014 requirements for type 1, Class C
  • Oversized ratcheting helps easy to grip when you have gloves on
  • The suspension comes with soft padded top
The coolest thing I like about this hat is that each piece is hand made with one of a kind appearance. I mean you are paying a 135$ for this hat, you are going to get these classy privileges eh mate. It is the coolest hard hat made up of  carbon fiber which means that it’s light in weight and one of the most durable products out there that you can get and worth the money you pay. 

10. America Safety Hat

Texas America Safety Carbon Fiber Hard Hat with Hard Hat Tote- Full Brim, with Protective Edging


Carbon fiber composite, 6 point ratchet suspension with padded top, lightweight and durable, easy to grip due to rims

  • This hat has been manufactured with carbon fiber material
  • It has 6 point ratchet suspension with padded top
  • Comes with rim grip for better handling
  • Meets the ANSI Class C ANSI regulations (Type 1 hat)
Now it’s time for the review, the best thing that I liked about this specific piece is that each product comes with a tote where you can keep and protect your hard had when it’s not in use. This means that your hat is not going to get dirty, and its overall unique appearance will last longer. Each piece is handmade and is one of a kind.

The lightweight and durability are what you are paying for and what you will get. I am a big fan of carbon fiber composite because it offers sturdiness and is lightweight at the same time. Seriously man when you work all day, a lightweight hat is all you need. There are about no know faults in this product as far as I have researched. Some people did complain about the helmet getting heated, but again, it’s quite rare. I will highly recommend buying this product.